What to publish

All our content should be either:

  • task focused - guidance which helps users complete a transaction
  • or, information based - content that helps users understand if and how we can help them

Content that does not do either of these things should not be published.

Task-focused content includes:

  • an action-based page title (for example, 'Apply for free school meals')
  • clear information outlining what the user needs to complete the task at the top of the page
  • a clear call to action

Do not include information that is not directly relevant to the completion of the task.

Information-based content includes:

  • a single paragraph overview to help the user understand if it is what they need
  • detailed information broken up into clear sections using sub-headings

We will use templates for different types of content (for example, press releases, policies).

Do not publish:

  • anything that duplicates or overlaps with existing content
  • advertising for commercial purposes
  • information exclusively for staff
  • legislation
  • information where we are not the primary source (for example, GOV.uk or the NHS)