Lincolnshire’s Domestic Abuse Resource Hub for Businesses

Welcome to the Resource Hub for Domestic Abuse in Lincolnshire.

Here you will find resources to aid you in supporting staff impacted by an unhealthy relationship at home.

We offer businesses in Lincolnshire a range of resources to help them support their colleague/staff member who is being abused, or choosing to abuse a loved one at home, and that could be either a partner, ex-partner or family member as in the Home Office definition

Our resources include:

  • Domestic Abuse leaflets & posters to raise awareness of where to go for support
  • Helpful guidance notes on personal safety apps and civil orders
  • As well as National Toolkits for employers and what support is available as a business

For information on what is domestic abuse, keeping someone safe, common myths, the impact on children, if you’re worried about your own behaviour and the services available you can visit the Domestic Abuse Website, or share it with those you are working with. 

To hear first hand how other businesses have been working to improve their staff’s wellbeing in Lincolnshire, view the Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Partnership YouTube area.

If you are interested in finding out more and / or working with us as a business please contact us via email

Other useful websites for businesses are: Employers Initiative on Domestic Abuse [EIDA]


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