About Team Around the Child

TAC help to provide services for children and families who have unmet needs.

Children and families may experience a range of needs at different times in their lives.

All children require access to high-quality universal services and may need targeted support.

Team Around the Child (TAC), can provide different services to meet their identified needs.

When is TAC required?

A TAC meeting is initiated when a child with an additional need requires co-ordinated care from a number of agencies.

As a guide, a TAC is required where two or more support services are involved. This is not prescriptive and professionals should use their judgement.

Lead professional

A lead professional is the person who has the best relationship with the child and family.

They act as a single point of contact for the family, child, young person and professionals. 

They ensure the family receive appropriate interventions, which includes completing the Early Help Child and Family Assessment.

The role is regularly reviewed and effectively delivered.


Complete an early help child and family assessment

If you cannot complete this online, you can download a copy of the form.

TAC has a range of helpful downloads:

The online early help child and family assessment will be available shortly.

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