Professionals hub for reducing parental conflicts

Advice for Professionals 

We want families to feel that its ok to talk about their relationships and we want the professionals who work with families, to feel confident to talk to families about relationships.  We have developed some free e-learning that is a great first step for professionals to understand about family relationships, ‘Understanding Healthy Parental Relationships’, this can be booked via LSCP and is recommended for all professionals who work with children and families.  Following on from that we recognize that lots of professionals do need additional support to help them be professionally curious about parental relationships and conflict and so we developed further training ‘Recognising and Supporting Parents in Conflict’ this is also bookable via the LSCP.  Once the training has been undertaken you will also have access to a toolkit with resources and additional information that might be useful when working with families experiencing conflict that Lincolnshire County Council have put together.  Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Partnership – Training - Lincolnshire County Council  

Professionals can also support families to access and work through the OnePlusOne resources if families feel that this would be useful, you can log onto OnePlusOne as a professional here Practitioner guide.  Families will need to open their own account and sign in themselves to access the resources. 

We would always recommend talking to families about completing an Early Help Assessment with a professional who is supporting them, this is a great way to make sure that families get the right support at the right time, they can review their plans with someone they trust and they can talk through the successes and things that have helped them make progress which can include how they have used the OnePlusOne resources.  If you need advice or support around completing an EHA, then please review the TAC Handbook Team Around the Child – Professional resources ( and if you would like some further help, contact your Early Help Consultant who will be able to advise and support you to develop a family led assessment and plan.