Preparing for adulthood

In keeping with the SEND code of practice 2015, this toolkit also promotes preparing children and young people for adulthood.  

Planning within the graduated approach must not only cover the time they are in a single school setting.  It is much wider than this and must provide planning to cover the transition points in the pupil's educational journey and also the transition into adult life.  

Those working with children and young people with SEND should support and prepare them for adult life, to achieve the best outcomes in employment, independent living, good health and wellbeing, as well as community participation.

High aspirations are crucial to success.  

Discussions about longer term goals should start early and ideally well before Year 9 (age 13-14) at school. They should focus on the child or young person’s strengths and capabilities and the outcomes they want to achieve.  

This document should be read alongside the preparation for adulthood website, which provides information and resources.