Resource bank

School education contacts:

Email the education team

Email Human Resources 

Email early help consultants

Available before and after school childcare 

SEND support for early years providers


Early Help Assessment (EHA)

EHA can be used for settings to explore what the issues are with family and other professionals including what their worries are and what is working well both at home and school.  

Local offer page about early help assessments

Early Support Care Co-ordination (ESCO) 

To make a referral to the ESCO team, a professional working with the child must:

  • complete the early help assessment form or the early help child and family assessment,
  • then call 01522 782111 to log the request 

ESCO Drop in appointments are an opportunity for parents (and professionals can support them) to have a call back from an ESCO keyworker for a one hour session to discuss services and support available.
to book, call 01522 782111.

Team around the child (TAC)

Visit the Team around the Child for details and access to referral forms. 

Early Help Advisors

Qualified social workers who will advise on all levels of safeguarding, thresholds and hold hypothetical consultations for new cases where you need some advice or guidance that aren't currently open to TAC or social care.
01522 782111

Social Care

Any safeguarding social care concerns - professionals to contact the Customer Service Centre and log these concerns: 01522 782111.

Early years and childcare support

Services are available to all early years providers including early years settings, schools, childminders, out of school clubs and within children’s centres across Lincolnshire.

Services can be accessed through the early years provision identified above, or on request 

Early Years Inclusion Resources


Portage is a home visiting educational service for pre-school children with additional needs and their families. Referrals can come from parents and carers, or any agency involved with the child, such as health visitors or general practitioners.


Provide early support and learning provision sessions for disabled children and those with complex health needs across the county. Learning provision sessions are available once a week from children’s centres across Lincolnshire.
Lincolnshire Office: 01522 542937


Pupil reintegration team (PRT)

Email PRT

Emotional based school avoidance (EBSA)

School exclusions


School attendance

 Link for home education, absence notifications (reduced timetable, elective home education, children missing education and pupils not attending regularly), exclusions and YPLP
Email for enquiries related to attendance coding, reduced timetables any other general attendance

School admissions

Link for applying for a school place, applying to move school, appeal a school place and SEND school places.

Email the admissions team


Specialist Teaching Team (STT)

Provide specialist practical support to children and young people with SEN. This helps them achieve the best possible educational outcomes and make successful transitions to adulthood.
The range of services they offer includes:

  • direct specialist teaching
  • assessments to identify dyslexia or specific learning difficulties in maths
  • assessments for access arrangements and special considerations
  • specialist learning profiles detailing learning differences, strengths and weaknesses
  • training for teachers and teaching assistants
  • SENDCo support and support for SEN administration

Cost charges apply via Edulincs


The Children and Young People's Nurses, Specialist Community Continence service and Health Visiting Teams

The Children's Health Service offers health visiting, children and young people nurses for school aged children with more complex health needs and Specialist continence services for children with more complex bladder and bowel conditions. 

Health visitors

Health visitors will assess the needs of individuals and families to promote good health from pre-birth to the end of your child's first year at school (see link for more information about service.

Children and young people's nurses

The children and young people's nurse will continue to provide support up to the age of 19 for those with long-term or more complex health needs and children with bladder or bowel conditions.

Children's specialist continence service
Is led by continence specialist nurses, who provide assessment and treatment plans for children who suffer with a range of bladder and bowel conditions. Referrals can be accepted from all health professionals in Lincolnshire, including: GPs, health visitors, children and young people's nurses

Contact your health visiting team on:
Telephone number: 01522 843000 - 9am to 5pm

The Ethnic Minority and Traveller Education Team (EMTET) 

EMTET offers services including:

  • individual child support
  • improving parental engagement
  • school readiness - supporting transition language and access to the curriculum, specialist english as an additional language support

Most services free of charge to Lincolnshire maintained schools.
Schools are able to access support by using the online referral process through Edulincs. Based on the case details the member of staff with the most relevant expertise will be assigned.
To all other schools there is a charge.

Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA) support team

For EBSA support schools should email PRT and they will pass on contact details to the EBSA worker for call back
EBSA Team will support with doing the EBSA paperwork (ATTEND) and contact school to offer bespoke support which will be dependent on schools own individual needs.  They team can attend initial PSP meetings and any review meeting of the PSP.  They can support with identifying and supporting applications for funding resources for PSP through EBSA pathway.
They have developed their own training for pastoral departments in schools which they can share with schools.

Specialist nurse training team 

The specialist nurse trainers aim to support children with a disability and additional physical health needs in a variety of settings by providing training and support for their carers.
They work with children from birth to 19, but unfortunately they are unable to offer help for children with ADHD, behavioural problems or other non-physical health needs.
Specialist Nurse Trainers Telephone 01522 521186 or e-mail the team

Specialist nurse for children with autism or suspected autism

The team support all professionals working with children aged between 0-19 years, within Lincolnshire.
They provides additional specialist advice and it is necessary that another professional from health, social care or education is already involved and co-ordinating support for the child and their family.  
To contact either email  or phone 01522 521186  

Community nurse for children with learning disabilities

Offer a specialist service in Lincoln for children and young people with severe or profound learning disabilities and their families. They provide home and school visits to assess, plan, and implement programmes of care or strategies for effecting positive change. Emphasis is on behavioural aspects.
E-mail or phone 01522 512512 ext.3784

Specialist nurse for children and young people with autism or suspected autism

This is a specialist service and is offered to all professionals working with children aged between 0-19 years, within the county of Lincolnshire.

It has been developed to provide support and education to professionals, to further support families who have children with Autism and suspected Autism.

Key aspects of the role are to:

  • Provide up to date information and signpost to appropriate services.
  • Co-ordinate and provide a liaison service between Community Paediatricians and other Health, Education and Social Care Professionals, CAMHS and Educational Psychologists as necessary.
  • Suggest and provide additional strategies to support and manage behaviours, promote sleep, continence and positive diet.
  • Provide support and advice to parents of children with autism to support understanding and promote positive coping strategies.

Referral from professional health, social care or education already involved

Telephone 001522 303679 or email

Physical disability outreach service

Offer free support to all Lincolnshire mainstream primary and secondary schools who are seeking support to include pupils with physical disabilities. This includes pupils in transition at each key stage (Nursery and post 16)

Email for more information

Social, emotional mental health

Here 4 You and Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire - CAMHS have developed a wide range of advice, guidance and resources to support children and young people's emotional wellbeing.   There are a number of online workshops.

Lincolnshire Here4You advice and referral line free phone 0800 234 6342  (Open 24/7) is a joint line between Healthy Minds Lincolnshire and CAMHS, which both parents and school can access for advice and guidance on supporting child or young person's emotional wellbeing.

Behaviour Outreach Service BOSS

Aim to support schools in a variety of ways to enable them to more effectively support their pupils that display behaviour that challenges, with a view to delivering an inclusive approach to learning.

Toolkit for Regulation - secondary

Toolkit for regulation  - Primary

Toolkit for regulation from the BOSS service is aimed at assisting schools to help pupils learn to regulate within the classroom. 

Lincolnshire centre for grief and loss 

has a guide for adults to support children and young people going through bereavement, as well as a guide for children and young people themselves.    

Communication and Interaction Difficulties

The Working Together Team (WTT)

contact is available via email 

Support for families and resources from WTT

Cognition and Learning

Dyslexia Outreach Helpline

Dyslexia Outreach is part of the specialist teaching team. They can be accessed via phone -north 07778 534478 or south 07823 535473 or by email.

They promote dyslexia friendly schools and can support parents, teachers, teaching assistants and pupils. No formal identification of dyslexia needs to have been made.

Cost -free advice via the helpline
Teaching assistant training during the school day - free of charge
Training packages for schools – charges apply.

Sensory and physical needs

Sensory Education Support Team (SEST).  

This service is delivered by teachers who have specialist qualification in the education of sensory impaired children and young people.
Cost: Free of charge to maintained settings and schools in Lincolnshire. Access to this service is through referral, which is made using the form

Sensory processing difficulties course via Lincolnshire Children's Therapy Services 

Training is now available for parents and carers in Lincolnshire on Sensory processing difficulties. This is virtual training on how to support your child with sensory differences.  The session is led by a behavioural specialist and covers the main sensory systems, how they impact children on a daily basis and what practical strategies, modifications, adaptions and equipment you can use at home to support the child.

Graduated approach and SEND support


Liaise is a free, confidential, and impartial SEND information and support service for Lincolnshire. They offer information and advice about SEN and disabilities to parents, young people and children (0-25).
Who to contact
Telephone 0800 195 1635
or fill in the contact form

Valuing SEND (VSEND) tool 

V SEND tool supports settings with assessing pupil's needs in a holistic way.
Training from Safeguarding Lincolnshire
Online tool training resources are available 
and further information and resources here

To register for online version contact via email or email for technical difficulties

SEND inclusion toolkit

The SEND inclusion toolkit is designed to guide early years settings, schools and colleges in the education and development of children and young people with SEND. the toolkit provides SENDCos with practical strategies matched to level of need; graded from 0 through to 9-10, these correspond with the school readiness prompts within VSEND but include more granular detail and links to high quality, published resources.
Whilst both VSEND and this toolkit can be used independently for a wide range of purposes, the two resources complement one another and for pupils with more complex needs.

Graduated approach briefings

The graduated approach briefings are aimed at SENDCos and other staff members of educational settings, who support the needs of children and young people with SEND in Lincolnshire. The briefings focus on removing barriers to learning and implementing effective special educational provision by embedding a robust graduated approach across educational settings.

Sign up for the next briefing and find links to past presentations and resources

Services General

Lincolnshire Parent Carers Forum

Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum provide an experienced, supportive ear for parents, to promote their skills, knowledge, and resilience.   Memberships is free and they offer signposting for parents of children with SEND to services and professionals including the  week of SEND, workshops on specific issues and further support such as wellbeing support and resilience building.
Email or Telephone 07925 232466