Lincolnshire County Council provides sustainable travel solutions for passenger transport across Lincolnshire, including for:

  • School-aged children
  • College attendees
  • Adults across a range of activities

We also support bus networks in Lincolnshire, including our accessible, call demand CallConnect service.

Our ambition is to transform how we organise and deliver transport services to ensure the future sustainability of all aspects of transport. Our services have become a staple of daily life around the county, but they have come under increasing demands and costs. All passengers' welfare, safety, and safeguarding remain of paramount importance throughout our work.

The Council is committed to sustainable travel solutions, including walking, cycling and public transport. Where walking or cycling is not possible, we encourage residents to consider public transport before using a car. It is better for the environment and reduces traffic and pollution.

With thought and planning, journeys can be a positive experience for everyone, avoiding traffic jams, increasing physical activity, improving health, and reducing pollution levels.

If you're a supplier of transport services with us, then you need to read important new information about making sure you're eligible and registered for future work here.

If you're involved with an educational establishment, you can find information on the new process here.