Compulsive hoarding can make life a misery, affecting health, well-being and lifestyle, and posing a significant risk of fire, illness, infestation and other dangers.

Hoarding touches the whole family, friends, neighbours and, in extreme cases, impinges on basic freedoms, such as space in which to eat, do paperwork or even sleep.

More information and definitions of hoarding is available on the NHS website.

Packed with general and practical advice, the Lincolnshire Multi Agency Protocol is a useful resource for frontline workers and professionals who come into contact with people who present as hoarding in their day to day roles.

The guidance document for frontline staff shows how to notify the Hoarding Advocate who sits within Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue of a property that is cluttered at level 4 and above as well as other guidance on support/advice.

Please download the documents below for further information and advice. You can also email should you have any questions.

Where the individual consents we strongly recommend referring to Lincolnshie Fire and Rescue for a Safe and Well Check.