Notifications for looked after children placed in Lincolnshire by other local authorities

The care planning, placement and case review statutory guidance and the associated regulations updated in 2013, outline duties on local authorities to notify other local authorities if they place a child in care within their area.

Lincolnshire County Council needs be made aware of any looked after children placed in its area, please do this by completing the OLAC Notification Form. We need to be made aware of as much information as possible, this can include any vulnerabilities for the child/young person, as this will allow us to respond effectively to their needs and address any safeguarding issues that arise. It is important that we are informed as soon as possible of the placement.

Often, we receive notifications for other close by authorities so if you are unsure if they placement is in Lincolnshire or elsewhere, please use: Find your local council - GOV.UK (

Any information provided by yourselves on the form will be recorded electronically by us and shared with any relevant professionals and partners. An example of this would be if you disclosed that the child has a history of running away from home this would be passed to out Missing Persons team.

 If your email is regarding an OLAC placement, but it is not covered by the above form, contact us by