The Health and Safety Manual is arranged in a number of sections, each one being split down into a number of sub-sections. The following is a brief indication of what can be found in the Manual, and where it is located.

Accident Reporting

Accident reporting procedures, managers’ responsibilities and online accident report form PO3.  This section also gives information on reporting within RIDDOR Regulations.

Employee Groups

Advice and guidance on making health and safety arrangements for employees with Disabilities and III Health, Inexperienced Persons, Volunteers and Young Persons.

Employee Health

General health and safety advice and guidance on Pregnancy (including risk assessment for pregnant employees) and Smoking (including the County Council’s Smoking Policy).

First Aid

Provision of first aid equipment, levels of provision for First Aiders and Emergency Aiders, responsibilities of managers and guidance for First Aiders.


This section outlines the main work place hazards in the County Council, and the action to be taken in relation to those hazards.  Sub-sections: Asbestos, Contractors, Display Screen Equipment (DSE), Electricity, Fire, General Office Hazards, Home Working, Legionella, Manual Handling, Mobile Phones, Noise, Plant and Equipment, Road Traffic (Road Risk), Skin Care, Stress, Substances Hazardous to Health (including a short guide for managers on COSHH, information on blood-borne and other viruses and sharps policy), Terrorist Threats, Violence, Working Alone, Working Time

Health and Safety Policy

General advice and guidance on the County Council’s corporate Health and Safety Policy, and health and safety management and risk assessment guide.

Occupational Health

This section gives details of the services available under the occupational health contract and how to access those services.  It also gives information about the types of advice available to managers when the service is accessed, and the likely outcomes of that advice.


Summary Information, Contract and Services, Health Surveillance, Immunisation/Vaccination Procedures, Management Referral, Medical Clearance of Employees, Physiotherapy Service, Rehabilitation Options, Same Sex Doctors, Transmission of Illness, Workplace Assessments.

Safety Representatives

Advice on consulting safety representatives and employees on health and safety matters.