Care homes


The current public health assessment on 28 August 2020 for Lincolnshire County and most Districts is that community transmission is low and stable.

It is our assessment that the current level of community transmission does not prohibit you from accepting visitors into care homes, if your risk assessment of the situation within your own home indicates this is safe.

There are no situations within or near Lincolnshire to specifically take into consideration other than those which are in the national media.


As of 6 July the testing model for cares homes was updated. Regular testing (retesting) for care homes in England involves care homes testing staff weekly and residents every 28 days.

Retesting will begin with care homes for the over-65s and those with dementia. This is because these homes were the first to receive testing in the initial round of whole care home testing, and following SAGE and Public Health England (PHE) advice.

It will take 4 weeks to provide retesting to all care homes for the over-65s. These care homes will be divided into 4 groups, with a new group starting its cycle each week.

Retesting will be offered to other adult care homes from early August.

Any specialist care homes that have not yet registered for their initial whole care home tests should still apply on the care home portal to receive their initial whole care home tests.

Care homes will need to re-register on the care home portal to apply for retesting. Applications for retesting are now open for care homes caring for the over-65s and those with dementia.

Further information on testing.

Outbreak testing

If a care home setting in Lincolnshire has identified a positive case of Covid-19 the local Health Protection team will need to be notified so that the outbreak testing can be commenced.

The Health Protection team will advise what needs to be done in this situation, but essentially all staff and residents would need to be tested.

The health protection team, in agreement with local hospital trust and microbiology, would be responsible for coordination of the following:

  • provision of swabs
  • collection of swabs
  • process of swabbing
  • collection of results